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 For the past three years my naturopathic doctor got me on a very unusual treatment for my arthritis.  I developed the arthritis likely from two reasons: genetics and I abused the heck out of my knees.  I loved to hike and I used to hike up mountains on a daily basis....

I’m not very proud to call myself a mental health counselor. However, I take pride in telling folks that I’m a holistic mental health counselor.  The majority of the people I meet tend to be skeptical of the psychological profession.  I understand this sentiment, as I...


I often get asked, “What is the Vision Quest?”  Really, it’s not something that can be described briefly in a sentence or two.  And if it can’t be described in a sentence or two, the majority of the world would prefer to leave it a mystery in their minds.  I’m writing...

As a parent we have great dreams and hopes for our children. We hope that they will be great in what they do, that they will be successful, that they will be a source of pride and perhaps we’d like them to follow in our footsteps. It feels good to have this little pers...


Issues with sleep are one of the most common symptoms in conjunction with mental disorders.  Failing to get a full night’s rest usually makes our depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, or whatever ailment we have worse.  But lets face it, even if you don’t have a mental...

I recently received a phone call from a local newspaper writer doing an article in the wake of 2 recent suicides at the local high school. He was trying to understand what it was that brings teens to commit suicide. I responded with, ‘unfortunately, there is no one rea...

February 26, 2015


Allow yourself the time to grieve…and take as much time as you need. Grieving from a loss is a normal and natural process that allows us to heal. Healing doesn’t necessarily mean forgetting but rather remembering.


The following are some ideas that may help you with yo...

February 25, 2015

As a holistic mental health counselor I am often asked, “What the heck is it?”  I usually respond with a stuttering random sequence of thoughts that happened to be rolling through my mind at the moment.  And when I am finished with this nonsensical tossed salad of word...

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April 28, 2015

February 26, 2015

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The Bees Knees: Navigating holistic and conventional medicine.

May 11, 2016

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