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COVID-19 (Carona Virus)
In an attempt to help slow the spread of COVID-19 virus, we are now seeing clients via Telehealth.  This allows you to attend counseling sessions without having to leave your home.  All you need is a computer, tablet, or smart phone with a connection to the internet.
We also plan on starting back up our wilderness therapy program soon.  Please check back again.
What Makes Us Different

First of all, the holistic mental health counselor has the same education as other licensed mental health counselors. The holistic aspect comes from additional education that supports a holistic approach to counseling.


Unlike ordinary counseling, our counseling approach treats the whole person rather than a symptom or an isolated part. We embrace and enhance the natural healing mechanisms our body and mind already have in place. Often our clients are seeking to avoid or minimize their dependence on psychiatric drugs. We provide useful information and support based in scientific findings to help our clients begin to heal themselves safely and naturally.


Most people come to counseling because they are experiencing symptoms like sadness, anxiety, anger, hurt, sleeplessness, inability to focus, frustration and the like. These symptoms are "a perfectly natural adjustment to a totally unnatural and negative environment" (RD Laing). Ordinary counseling tends to focus on these perfectly normal symptoms as the problem and fails to seek out the source of the problem. This is why ordinary counseling often provides a temporary solution.


Instead, our counselors focus on healing and transcending the issues that we face by building an awareness of the source of the problem. Awareness gives us the power to heal. We begin to understand that our symptoms were there to protect and try to heal us. As a result, the potency of our symptoms begin to diminish and we are left with a more lasting healing rather than a temporary solution.


As part of the holistic approach, we consider all influences from your diet, allergies, and exercise to your culture. We also encourage a natural approach first before turning to synthetic drugs. Many issues can be resolved with counseling, removal of allergens, improved exercise plan, improved diet, stress reduction techniques, and the like. We work closely with naturopathic doctors, acupuncturists, and other natural or holistic providers to assure you are well taken care of.


Most psychiatric drugs have a long list of potential side effects like addiction, an array of physical ailments, and even death. These drugs may not only cause worse side effects than the original ailment but they usually offer a temporary solution. Symptoms often return after discontinuing or weaning off a medication. This is why we look to natural remedies first or encourage natural remedies to minimize your need for psychiatric drugs. This is not to suggest that we are anti-drug or anti-western medicine. We also work closely with your prescribers to assure that your medications are appropriate and optimal for your situation. Sometimes medication is very necessary.


Keep in mind that no counselor can prescribe medication.     

Theoretical Approach

In counseling there are numerous theoretical approaches from Psychoanalysis to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Many may suggest that their theoretical approach is the best. Scientific research has found that all approaches are all equally effective. Awareness Healing Art's counselors recognize this and tailors an approach to the uniqueness of each client. This results in a creative approach to counseling that is unique to each client. 

Culture, Religion & Spirituality

Awareness Healing Arts recognizes that every person comes from a culture, even if they are not aware of it. Culture, religion, or spirituality​ influences how we view others, our relationships, and ourselves. Our counselors are focused on approaching healing from your point-of-view to honor your culture, religion, or spirituality.  

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