Vision Quest 2017

The Vision Quest gave me the chance to get quiet enough to really listen to my own thoughts. I observed all the ways I talk to myself - the healthy and not-so-healthy.  It also gave me a powerful space to let go of parts of myself, beliefs, or ways of being in the world that I felt no longer served me.  It gave me the chance to get clarity on some of the biggest questions I've been asking in my life.  Now, with those answers, I'm able to access a deeper feeling of peace and ease in my day to day life.  With those answers, and the vision of how they will manifest in my life, in my head, I have more faith in my own life path.  I feel more confident, alive, and resilient than I did before my quest.  I'm so thankful I chose to go out there.  The truths I discovered, feelings I felt, and things I experienced out there are still vivid and present in my awareness, and I think they will be for quite some time.  Thank you Aaron and Karen for all of your good work, intention, love, and care...and the yummy food before and after!  In gratitude,

Jeff Davis

Woodinville, WA

Vision Quest 2014

My husband turned 50 in January of 2014 and decided one of his goals for the year was to do a vision quest to honor his transition. I had often thought I wanted to do a vision quest in my 20's and 30's (I was 40 that year) but in that romanticized, fantasy way. I wanted that amazing, techni-color, life changing, hollywood experience. Having grown up some since and having actually put in some work on the spiritual path, I knew enough to know it wouldn't be like that if I went with him. I was on the fence for a while for many reasons and almost chose not to go. Fortunately I adhere to the belief that we regret the chances we don't take more than the ones we do. Doing the quest with Aaron was a no brainer - my husband had known him for years and I had met him and his wife Anna and fallen in love with both of them years before. They live what they believe and are an example I try to live up to.


The experience starts as soon as the decision is made to go - Aaron provided information and suggestions for preparation we needed to do in the weeks before we left Connecticut. We arrived nervous and excited. We met Karen, who was solid, and knowlegable. I got the sense she was more comfortable in the woods than just about anywhere else. The two of them skillfully guided us through the entire quest. Anna fed us amazing meals - one in particular that I still make at home, albeit not quite as good as the one she made for us. It takes me right back to sitting with the three of them at our camp site. By the time I settled into my circle for the first day I knew I was in very safe and skilled hands. I felt protected and cared for emotionally, phyiscally and spiritually.


It was not a hollywood experience, but it was life changing. It was challenging and intense at times, blissful and beautiful at others. It is still unfolding. I believe the quest has led me to a place, and to a depth that I cannot imagine my life without. The lessons, gifts and messages still come to me when I need them. It's so hard to put into words.  I believe Aaron, Karen and Anna are sharing this gift from a place of deep love and desire for healing -  for the people in this world and for the earth itself. I know I will go back to do it again someday, and it will be with them. If you are on the fence, take the chance. It's worth it. You're worth it. 

Carla S. Rici

Bozrah, CT

Vision Quest 2015

My vision quest was in late July of 2015. The mental preparation for the quest really began for me nearly a year prior, when I had first heard of it through Aaron Mitchell. A seed was planted and as the months passed, it became more and more clear to me that this was a step in my life that really needed to be taken..


I had known Aaron for just over a year before questing, but I first met Karen on day 1 of the 10 day venture. Immediately I was struck by her kindness and warmth. The combined energy of both Aaron and Karen, plus the generosity and nurturing nature of Aaron's wife, Anna, who provided our meals before and after questing, was all very moving in and of itself. It was apparent through out the entire experience how much they all believe in the healing and growth that will be achieved within each person who has decided to quest. There are not words to describe the encouragement and support that I felt during the entirety of this transformational and profoundly personal experience.


It is difficult to find the words to say much more. I passionately recommend attending the Awareness Healing Arts Vision Quest for anyone who craves a deeper understanding of their past and present, and desires a powerful awareness that will stay with them throughout their future. I now think of my life and myself in terms of pre-Vision Quest and post-Vision Quest, as the enrichment I experienced was truly life-altering. 


Skagit, WA

Vision Quest 2014

I decided to Quest in 2014 because it was my 50th birthday and I wanted clarity on my life and the lessons I'd learned so far as well as my purpose going forward into eldership.  I received all that and so much more!


My Vision Quest maybe the single most powerful/impactful experience I've ever had, and 3 years later it continues to pay dividends. My improved relationship with myself, nature, and my ability to negogiate the challenges in my life are all directly related to my quest and what I learned during that 4 days and nights.

I had known Aaron for 12 years before this trip and knew his long time  commitment to healing, nature and a spiritual path. So questing with him seemed the obvious choice despite the distance. It was the right choice! Both he and Karen were excellent guides, teachers and protectors. Aaron started pereparing us long before the Quest, made sure we had everything we needed and helped us avoid the pitfalls and maximized our experience so that it was the best it could be. A special shout out to the cook as well! The food was well thought out, healthy, plentiful and delicious- thank you Anna!

If you are reading this than I'm guessing you've already got the restlessness in your stomach and maybe your life that’s telling you its time-don't ignore it.

Marc Nee


Vision Quest 2016

Whatever path brings you here, whether you feel called or driven, you enter a process that is solitary, unique, and universal. I knew this was something I had to do. It was as simple (and as complicated) as that.


On this Journey, I stood alone before our mother, the Earth; I stood before our gods and goddesses; I stood in my authentic self. As kindred souls have done for millennia, I came to experience an allegorical dying and rebirth. I came to face my fears – the ending of relationships, the endings of things and events in general, and the ultimate ending … death.


It is rare for me to feel safe enough to open deeply with a group. On this Journey, I found myself sharing things that were really gnawing at my soul. I don’t know if I will ever be able to fully understand or express all that happened; but, I do know that the journey continues. What began that week was not an event within itself. It was the beginning to a time of enlightenment, a time of understanding, a time of healing, and a time of growth. 

The changes within me were and continue to be profound. These changes are not entirely within my realm of understanding; but, I do not need to understand to benefit. I only have to be open to the possibilities.


The Journey was about connection and synchronicity to all other life. The time spent in the woods allowed me to reconnect with nature, the place whence I came. 

I am now embarking on a different path, a path intended for me long ago, a path revealed to me on my Journey … A path to living an authentic life. 



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