The Lineage

In the late 1800's and early 1900's a Lipan, Apache named Stalking Wolf received a vision to explore the many skills and ceremonies that existed in the Native American cultures of the Americas. He traveled by foot all over North, Central and South America meeting and living with these different cultures. The Vision Quest was one of these ceremonies or rites of passage that existed in many of the cultures. However, he noticed that it varied slightly in each culture.


Stalking Wolf was a traditional visionary, scout, healer, and a medicine man that was guided by a strong vision. Through his vision he was guided to explore the differences he saw in the Vision Quest to determine which elements were necessary and which were necessary to only a specific group of people or culture.


After observing the Vision Quest in numerous cultures, Stalking Wolf refined the ceremony to its essential elements leaving behind the non-essential various dogmas. This resulted in a Vision Quest that has been streamlined for effectiveness and potency. As a positive side effect, this Vision Quest is open and better suited for ALL cultures and ALL religions. 


This Vision Quest has been passed down to us in great detail. We have been given permission to provide this sacred rite of passage to all regardless or ethnic, culture, or religious background.



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