Wilderness Therapy Fees

Sweet Grass
Wolf Track
  • Vision Quest Protector Training:                            $800
  • 7 Levels of Quest: (Suggested Donation)               $875
  • Teacher Training for 7 Levels of Quest:                  $875
  • Vision Quest: (Suggested Donation)                      $800

We live in a society and culture that doesn't like the idea of paying for something like the Vision Quest. Awareness Healing Arts, PLLC agrees with this sentiment. However, if we offered this for free it would not be sustainable and we would have to shut down our Wilderness Therapy program.


In looking back to the Native American cultures (where this Vision Quest was derived), a person might pay with a young horse and a buffalo hide. Today this would equate to anwhere from $6,000 - $12,000. This of course places the Vision Quest out of reach for most people financially.


It is also important to cosider how much you value the experience. Paying less than you value, could leave you feeling indebted. This indebted feeling can be distracting from the Vision Quest itself.


In order to maintain the sensitivity of not trying to profit from the Vision Quest, assure that it is sustainable, place a value on the experience, and try to keep it financially in reach for most; we settled on a suggested donation format.  


This allows people to pay what they can. It also helps to cover the costs for travel expenses, staff, land rental, insurance, first aid supplies, gear, and meals.


With all applications, a $100 deposit is due at the time of application. This covers preliminary costs.

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